Holy Cross Bishop’s Committee

As a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, rather than a parish (a congregation wealthy enough to support a full-time priest), Holy Cross is under the direct control of our bishop. Our priest is his vicar, or representative, and our governing body is called a bishop’s committee (rather than the more familiar vestry).

Members are appointed by the bishop, after being elected by the congregation, and are responsible to him as well as to the congregation. The chief lay officer is called the Bishop’s Warden; we also have two Property Wardens, a Secretary and Treasurer, and two Hospitality Wardens.  Members also assume other responsibilities for areas of parish ministry. 

They are:

Bishop’s Warden and AlmonerAnne Bardol
Property WardensScott Neff
Treasurer and Parish AdministratorAnne Bardol
SecretaryLisa Furey
Hospitality WardensDebby Seifert and Deb Huck
Outreachcurrently vacant
Seated are: Charlie Taccone, David Pascale, Ginny Schwartz, and Debby Seifert
Standing are: Rev. Carol Carlson, Deb Huck, and Anne Bardol

Weekly Schedule


10:30 AM Sunday Worship Service
(All current CDC covid-19 safety guidelines are required)


8:00pm: AA Meeting


7:30pm: AA Meeting


Craft Group meets on a date to be determined. Check the calendar for more information.

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