At your service this month…

February 2019

In Our Prayers…

Heather, Morgan, Chris, Zach, Harrison, Cara, Cordell, Keith, Corey, Danny and all in our armed forces and in harm’s way; David, Reid, Roland, Sue, Walter and his family, Martha, Janet, Jim, Bill, Katie, Gloria, Ian, Carlo, Juanita, Dale, John, Joseph, Ja-son, Mia, Nels, Gianna, Peggy, Gayle, Dan, Susie, Jane, Amber, John and Becky, Chris, Owen; the poor and destitute, the unemployed, refugees, prisoners (especially those under torture), slaves, all who have no hope; the cold, hungry, homeless, lonely, bereaved or afraid.

February 3

Altar Guild: Lisa Furey
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Bill Miller
Chalice: Lisa Furey
Coffee: Joanne Hopkins
Tellers: Huck/Hopkins

February 10

Altar Guild: Debby Seifert
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Kelly McDonald
Chalice: Anne Bardol
Coffee: Jane Jones
Tellers: Debby Seifert, Lorre Beach

February 17

Altar Guild: Anne Bardon
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Debby Seifert
Chalice: Lisa Furey
Coffee: BRUNCH
Tellers: Johnson/Creed

February 24

Altar Guild: Deb Huck
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Julie Creed
Chalice: Anne Bardol
Coffee: Margaret Johnson
Tellers: Furey/Jones

Many thanks to all who volunteer for these important jobs! 

Weekly Schedule


Until it is safe for us to gather again, there are services offered online through the Diocesan Partnership of Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

As the public health situation evolves, so will we. We look eagerly towards the day when every one of us can gather again in peace and health.


AA Meeting

Tuesday and Thursday

10:00am – 2:00pm: Open for prayer and meditation
*Suspended until further notice


6:00pm: Supper and Study All are welcome.
*Suspended until further notice

Saturday or TBA

Craft Group meets on a date to be determined. Check the calendar for more information.

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