At your service this month…

February 2019

In Our Prayers…

Heather, Morgan, Chris, Zach, Harrison, Cara, Cordell, Keith, Corey, Danny and all in our armed forces and in harm’s way; David, Reid, Roland, Sue, Walter and his family, Martha, Janet, Jim, Bill, Katie, Gloria, Ian, Carlo, Juanita, Dale, John, Joseph, Ja-son, Mia, Nels, Gianna, Peggy, Gayle, Dan, Susie, Jane, Amber, John and Becky, Chris, Owen; the poor and destitute, the unemployed, refugees, prisoners (especially those under torture), slaves, all who have no hope; the cold, hungry, homeless, lonely, bereaved or afraid.

February 3

Altar Guild: Lisa Furey
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Bill Miller
Chalice: Lisa Furey
Coffee: Joanne Hopkins
Tellers: Huck/Hopkins

February 10

Altar Guild: Debby Seifert
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Kelly McDonald
Chalice: Anne Bardol
Coffee: Jane Jones
Tellers: Debby Seifert, Lorre Beach

February 17

Altar Guild: Anne Bardon
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Debby Seifert
Chalice: Lisa Furey
Coffee: BRUNCH
Tellers: Johnson/Creed

February 24

Altar Guild: Deb Huck
Greeters: Volunteers
Acolytes: Lisa Furey and Staff
Lector: Julie Creed
Chalice: Anne Bardol
Coffee: Margaret Johnson
Tellers: Furey/Jones

Many thanks to all who volunteer for these important jobs! 

Weekly Schedule


8:30am: Eucharist – Suspended Until April

9:15am: Study Group – Journeying the Way of Love – All are welcome!

10:30am: Holy Eucharist

11:30am: Coffee & Fellowship Brunch on 3rd Sundays


8:00pm: AA Open Meeting

Tuesday and Thursday

10:00am – 2:00pm: Open for prayer and meditation.
Suspended until late April.


6:00pm: Supper and Study All are welcome.

Saturday or TBA

Craft Group meets on a date to be determined. Check the calendar for more information.

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